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Terms & Conditions

Vitreous Enamellers Of Cast Iron Baths

Our Standard Trading Conditions

Suitability of Cast

All baths must be free from structural defects (e.g. cracks), and be as rust free as possible. Some baths which are discovered to be cracked, can sometimes be repaired at additional cost.

Lead Times

Unless special arrangements have been made the normal turnaround is 2 to 3 weeks.


You can arrange delivery and collection with the following couriers :

Ben Mitchell – 07947 103348
Shunters Transport – 01289 330472
Wayne Cuffy – 07841 835054
Martin Brothers – 01985 844144


All fittings must be removed prior to delivery/collection. Failure to remove fittings may result in a total loss of such fittings.

Finished Result

Please note that as much as we try, the finished article may not necessarily appear as good as new. As the vitreous enamel will follow the contours of the bath, there are bound to be undulations within the surface. Also, owing to the very high temperatures achieved, tiny black specks, slight crazing and some slight pin holing may occur. This is unavoidable when working with some casts. If any of these symptoms do show, they will have no effect on the life of the bath.

Fitting Instructions

Please advise the plumber fitting the bath not to over tighten the fittings. This will avoid putting too much stress on the new vitreous enamel or causing it to split.

1. When filling the bath, ALWAYS turn the cold tap on first.
2. After use, wash the bath out, using liquid detergent only.
3. Never use abrasive cleaners such as powder or paste cleaners.
4. Never use acidic based cleaners such as new Bathroom Flash.
5. Always dry the bath after use to prevent water marks forming.
6. If the taps begin to leak, have them re-washered as soon as possible.
7. Avoid placing glass or heavy objects over or on the bath, as impact damage may be caused if these fall into the bath.
8. Avoid the use of appliances with suction pads, as these will form marks on the bath surface.

We accept all major credit cards

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